Allocutio: Ecce Mater Tua | Philothea Surrendered

I have temporarily stepped aside from my duties as Spiritual Director.  In my leave, Our Legion’s president, Ciera has taken over with allocutios and luckily she posts them on her blog.  This week’s allocutio was absolutely phenomenal and blows mine out of the water.

And this is what the Lord is asking him to do: watch over her, support her, embrace her, console her, be there for her. This is how she teaches. She instructs by being served by her children.

This service continues beyond Calvary. Each of us today becomes St. John. We receive Christ’s command individually: “Ecce mater tua.” Then we look into the world and find her in those whom we serve, her sons and daughters whose hearts are pierced, estranged and longing for Christ.

via Allocutio: Ecce Mater Tua | Philothea Surrendered.

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