I’m Back!

After about 2 years of not writing, I want to attempt a fresh start at my blog again.  I apologize for the long wait, but it was necessary for me to get my life settled and working again.  It was a difficult transition moving from the monastery back to lay life, but I am very happy with where I am and I’m still strong in the practice of my faith.  I thought I would post a few updates of what has happened since I last posted.

  1. I got a job.  After about a month of job searching, I was accepted to a position of Pest Control Technician at Edge Pest Control in Kansas City.  While it wasn’t my ideal job choice, I have found a lot of fulfillment in helping others in getting rid of pest issues- often serving some of the poorest people I have encountered and have been able to “lift and bless” (Edge’s motto) those that I have served.
  2. Benedict’s Beads is alive and kicking!  The rosary business I founded at the Abbey, Benedict’s Beads, is going well.  I registered the business as a Single Member LLC last year and business has been good.  There is rarely a time when I don’t have an order.  It’s definitely kept me busy and I have good hopes for its future and being able to provide rosaries and rosary services to people throughout the country and around the world.
  3. I got engaged!  About 6 months after leaving the monastery, I started dating a friend from the Legion at BC and we hit it off well.  I don’t know where I would be today without her help and encouragement as I transitioned to a normal lay life.  Ciera and I are so alike in so many ways that it sometimes startles me and we constantly find ourselves to be of one mind and heart on almost every subject.  Last September, I proposed to her amidst 500 relics of saints at Clyde, MO (I chose to go to one knee directly in front of St. Louis de Montfort!) and she happily said yes.  We are planning on getting married in June of 2019, giving her a year to adjust to normal life after her graduation from BC.
  4. I have rejoined the Legion.  I recently returned to the Legion, joining the praesidium of Mary the Queen at Christ the King in Kansas City.  I may at times write allocutios again when I am asked to give one at the praesidium meetings.  You can expect one tonight!

I think that’s it for now.  I will be posting far more often than every 2 years now.  See you soon!

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One response to “I’m Back!

  1. Elmer B.

    Wow. Great News! I am really waiting for your writings. Happy to see back.


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